Early Childhood /
Consultation Service

What is Early Childhood Consultation Services?

IWG provides an on-site consultative model for Early Childhood centers, that includes:

  • Holistic program evaluation
  • Capacity building for centers
  • Training and professional development for teachers, paraprofessionals and family support staff
  • Technical Assistance
  • Classroom assessments and evaluations
  • Family-centered resources

Our approach to Early Childhood Consultation:

  • Systemic approach
  • Programmatic focused
  • Collaborative relationship building
  • Child and family centered
  • Indirect interventions
  • Culturally sensitive modalities

How do the Early Childhood Specialists function in your center?

  • Observe children in the classroom, home, (or wherever appropriate);
  • Create recommendations for parents and staff,
  • Provide feedback and coaching of suggested strategies, and
  • Refer as needed to services and additional support

Our Early Childhood assessments:

The team also utilizes the CLASS® scoring tool to perform classroom-wide assessments, delivering written and verbal feedback to strengthen teacher/child interactions and improve the social-emotional climate of the classroom.

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