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Reading Advancement Program (RAP)


The Reading Advancement Program (RAP) is an evidence-based program created specifically for high school students. The program engages teens in a balanced curriculum of academic work and social-emotional learning.


What do we do?

To promote a balanced curriculum, assignments are designed to increase reading fluency and comprehension, particularly for the over-age, under-credited population. Reading programs are individually based on district recommendations. Additionally, in order to foster a better understanding of oneself, build upon personal strengths, and become more socially responsible, behavioral supports are interwoven into the program. Examples of interventions used are restorative circles, effective coping skills, and mindfulness strategies. Groups are facilitated by a reading specialist and therapeutic mentor dyad. A clinician will be on-call to provide emotional and behavioral supports, when needed. This program was created to improve grade level reading, while managing behaviors that get in the way of learning.