Early Childhood Services

Early Childhood Services of Integrated Wellness Group strives to educate and empower early childhood providers, parents, and associated staff. Our team is comprised of reliable, resourceful, and empathic mental health professionals, committed to enhancing the social-emotional competency of young children. Through the use of preventative, objective, and data-driven interventions, we promote a high quality standard of care.

Early Childhood Services provides consultation to young children, age birth through 6, and engages in a collaborative process with early care staff and parents to provide prevention and early intervention services designed to build the capacity of families and childcare providers in order to support enduring and optimal outcomes for young children. Focusing on the social and emotional health for young children, the Behavior Specialist will provide assessment, feedback and coaching to teachers and early care providers, will respond to concerns regarding challenging behaviors and will make referrals as needed for children and families requiring additional support beyond the scope of the IWG-ECS Program. All services demonstrate cultural sensitivity and applies multicultural competencies to consultation process.

Services available upon request include but are not limited to:

Behavioral Health Consultation

Child specific services are meant to provide individualized attention to a child’s developmental progress, as part of a parent-driven process. Integrated Wellness Group believes in understanding the “whole child”. In addition to gathering information about a child’s health and physical wellness, parents and teachers are interviewed to assess a child’s strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, an observation of the child is conducted in his or her natural environment in order to obtain unbiased data regarding the child’s development and behaviors. Finally, all information is reviewed with parents and teachers in order to construct an individualized plan that enhances a child’s strengths and facilitates the development of new skills.

• Child-specific observations and assessments

• Oral and written feedback to childcare staff and parents with the goal of providing supports related to the child(ren)’s class environment, social skill development and emotional health.

• One-on-one therapeutic interventions through our Primary Mental Health Program (PMHP) which aims to help young children make a positive adjustment to the school experience, both educationally and socially.

Classroom services are meant to provide a “social-emotional snapshot” of the environment, communication and interactions, and behavior management techniques. It is important that classrooms provide structure and materials for enrichment that allow children to creatively and safely explore, play, and learn. Prosocial skills are developed through children’s attachment and interactions with their teachers and other adults in the building. Research demonstrates that positively-framed and consistent caregiving provides opportunities for children to learn about social rules and boundaries. Classroom services provide educators and administrators with information about how to create a space that helps children grow in their self-esteem, independence, and confidence.

• Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) observations

Integrated Wellness Group provides various trainings to both parents and educators in the field of early childhood. Early childhood development is extremely specialized and different from other developmental periods in a child’s life. Trainings are available to the community regarding early childhood developmental stages, typical and atypical behaviors, safety planning, and behavior management. Integrated Wellness Group also provides workshops on various topics of early childhood disorders, including autism, selective mutism, developmental delays and special needs, attachment, and separation. Finally, our program can also provide parent education groups, staff leadership training, and other organizational development topics to enhance the workforce that supports the education and care of young children.

• Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) is an intensive evidenced based behavioral therapy that consistently improves parent-child relationships, reduces serious child noncompliance, oppositionality, and defiance.

• Teacher Child Interaction Training (TCIT) is a school-based, live coaching model to help teachers with preventive discipline strategies. The aim is to let teachers teach and ensure that disruptive behaviors do not interrupt the classroom environment. Workshop trainings to early care staff and parents



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