What is Integrated Wellness EAP?

Integrated Wellness EAP is a confidential service (with the exception in legally-mandated situations: threat of harm to self or others, suspected abuse of a child, senior or disabled adult). No information can reported about you or your use of the EAP to anyone, including your employer, without your written consent (except when required by law). Delivering a premier service is our primary goal. We have a rigorous quality assurance program that includes concurrent review by a Clinical Director for all severe cases; a 24 hour problem resolutions process and program improvement responsive to member satisfaction surveys We offer:

  • Counseling by phone /Skype for up to 5 sessions per year by experienced mental health professionals
  • Assessment and referral to appropriate community resources
  • Self-assessments for common problems with scoring and written feedback by a licensed mental health
  • providers.
  • Information resources on the common problems of living

What Are Common Problems of Living?

    •Family and relationship problems
    •Parenting and Step– parenting
    •Eldercare⁄ Childcare⁄ Disabled caregiving
    •health Living: Diet and exersise
    •Depression or other mental health issues
    •Grief and Loss
    •Managing serious or chronic health problems
    •Work⁄ Life balance
    •Time Managment
    •Finacial Issues

Who Can Use the EAP? Integrated Wellness EAP serves all employees, their spouses/partners and dependents.
When Can You Contact an EAP Professional? Mon. – Thurs: 8am to 8pm Fri: 8am to 5pm

Available 24/7 for crisis calls. Call: 1-844-856-7505 toll-free Fax us at: 1-888-772-2160 toll-free Email us at: eap@integratedwellnessgroup.org



446A Blake Street
Suite 200
New Haven,
CT 06515



Friday 9:00am—5:00pm


This practice serves all patients
regardless of inability to pay.
Discounts for all essential
services are offered based on
family size andincome.
Contact us for more information.

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