As a child rolls through their “terrible twos", they begin their moments of learning about relationships, healthy attachments, and life transitions (like school). There is an essential role that adults play in helping children ages 2 through 5 develop necessary milestones like language, speech, and motor skills.


Then there is the social and emotional development of a child that is seriously impacted by adult behaviors observed, environmental factors, and all of their good and bad experiences.


Taking all of this information into account is one of many reasons why the IWG staff feel a passion and obligation to provide consulting for early childhood development on healthy attachment and school transitional support.


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Early Childhood Services of Integrated Wellness Group strives to educate and empower early childhood providers, parents, and associated staff. Our team is comprised of reliable, resourceful, and empathetic mental health professionals, committed to enhancing the social-emotional competency of young children. Through the use of preventative, objective, and data-driven interventions, we promote a high quality standard of care.