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Integrated Wellness Group provides a full range of innovative diversity training and consultation services directed toward increasing the value of diversity within large organizations. Our customized services are designed to increase your organization’s productivity and profitability by improving the global and cross-cultural effectiveness of your employees, managers, and leaders. Our diversity training services will help you to succeed in an increasingly diverse, global, and competitive workplace.

“When aligned with organizational objectives, diversity can be a powerful contributor to an organization’s competitive advantage”. ~Dr. Edward E. Hubbard Measuring Diversity Results

WG offers personalized, confidential coaching to organization executives. Each coaching experience is tailored to meet the unique needs of the individual. IWG’s expert coaches offer face-to-face coaching sessions which address a wide range of topics including:

   •Leveraging diversity and inclusion
   •Cross-cultural communication skills
   •Culturally competent customer service
   •Recruiting, retaining, and managing a diverse workforce
   •Mediating multicultural conflict
   •Training of diversity trainer
   •Performing successfully in a diverse work setting

Through practical and interactive diversity training programs, IWG will help you build a workplace culture that values diversity and all of its dimensions. Our job-relevant and skills-specific diversity training content includes a framework of the awareness, knowledge, and skills necessary to develop cultural competence at the individual and organizational level. Each training program is uniquely tailored to address the needs of your organization. Relevant areas of focus for your employees, managers, and leaders may be:

   •Inter-cultural conflict resolution
   •adjustment to a new workplace cultures
   •Leadership development
   •Managerial style
   •Developing effective multicultural teams

Team Building is essential in every organization. Our Team Building trainings, seminars, and activities bring out the best in every team member and encourage continuous growth, positive and open communication, leadership development, and team unity. Our Team Building facilitators can help your team:

   •Build trust and empathy
   •Communicate effectively in a group environment
   •Develop and communicate group goals
   •Work as a unified team of professionals

Are you having difficulty with your minority supplier relationship? Through education and consultation, IWG can help you effectively manage this relationship. We are committed to helping you establish and grow a successful business relationship with qualified minority suppliers.



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