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Veterans Empowering Teens Through Therapeutic Support™ (VETTS™)

vetts imageA group of highly committed therapeutic support staff, Veterans Empowering Teens Through Therapeutic Support™ (or VETTS™), participate in a unique program that matches youth who are highly at risk (gang involvement, legal problems, truant, or otherwise delinquent in the eyes of the community) and matches them with a U.S. Military-trained, honorably discharged Veteran, who serves the function of a committed positive role model. The role of the Vet mentor is to assist at-risk youth in developing positive and supportive relationships within their home and the community, and utilizing that relationship to affect positive change in the youth’s life choices.

The above-and-beyond nature of the veteran’s commitment means that they are in constant contact with youth throughout the week, at any time. By involving adolescents in pro- social activities, youth are exposed to a host of new opportunities and experiences that can steer them in a direction that helps them become contributing members of society. The social impact (e.g. fewer crimes) and the financial impact of this program for our community is staggering.(For more information on the VETTS program please contact Kyisha Velazquez at

The VETTS™ program consists of:

    • Restorative Practices
    • Motivational Interviewing
    • Collaborative Problem-Solving
    • De-escalation of Suicidal and Homicidal Ideation
    • Effective Treatment Planning
    • Quality Use of Assessments
    • OJJDP Gang Intervention Model
    • Effective Mentoring Relationship
    • Adolescent Development
    • Group Facilitation
    • Effective Communication
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Mediation

Rapid Access is a collaboration between Integrated Wellness Group and the city of New Haven Youth Stat initiatiative in which youth and/or their families are identified by their school as being in need of mental health assistance or support. They are then referred for evaluation and services. As part of the Rapid Access collaborative community, Integrated Wellness Group has agreed to provide these evaluations.The youth identified attend one of New Haven’s public schools. These referrals occur on a daily basis and, frequently, more than one youth is identified at school Youth STAT meetings. Once identified and referred to IWG, the youth is assigned to a clinician for evaluation. Our clinicians then visit the youth at their school or home; gather information from parents, teachers, and other caregivers; and make recommendations. These recommendations range from therapy, medication management, and academic support, all the way to therapeutic mentoring, psychological testing, and support with basic needs.

Reading Advancement Program(RAP)

The Reading Advancement Program (RAP) is evidence-based and created specifically for New Haven's Public School High School students. The program engages teens in a balanced curriculum of academic work and social-emotional learning. Assignments are designed to foster a better understanding of oneself, to build upon personal strengths, and to become more socially aware. Groups are facilitated by a VETTSTM mentor and clinician dyad, who utilize restorative justice and mindfulness strategies. This process was created to cultivate a rich learning environment.

RAP Objectives Include:

  • • Helping identify and validate strengths
  • • Expanding reading and emotional vocabulary
  • • Increasing reading fluency and passage comprehension
  • • Learning to accurately identify emotions, own and of others
  • • Strengthening self-awareness and social awareness skills
  • • Working on emotional identification and regulation
  • • Expressing feelings in healthy and appropriate manners
  • • Learning and practicing mindfulness and self-soothing skills

Social Emotional LearningS.E.A.S. (Social Emotional After School)

The MomentThe Integrated Wellness Group is partnering with New Haven Public Schools for a dynamic, multi-sensory, and evidence-based program, designed to engage students in social and emotional learning. The curriculum encompasses a broad spectrum of necessary life skills from relationships and appropriate boundaries, to emotional regulation and healthy decision-making. The five fundamental learning outcomes of this program include: self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills. Students will meet after school with a cohort of their peers for:

  • • 90- minute groups, two to four times a week
  • • Groups will be led by a clinician and a VETTS TM mentor, assisted by a mentoring adolescent
  • • Each group and its facilitators will be responsible for
  • • Developing the group’s identity
  • • Fostering a safe environment
  • • Learning about restorative strategies, social emotional competencies, and mindfulness


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