Life changes, lack of motivation, past experiences causing depression or anxiety, or any other obstacles to your well-being can be supported here at IWG .

“As I sat in the kitchen for breakfast, I thought to myself: where is my daughter?  Then I realized that she wasn’t out of bed yet.  I went to talk to her and she said that she was not motivated to get out of bed because she is too sad.”  This is an example of what a person may feel when depressed.


Throughout life there are changes good and bad, expected and unexpected, and some even traumatic. The societal pressures that exists sometimes may push us into a corner, while abandonment creates a sense of isolation.


There are many factors that contribute to a person’s social and emotional wellness, including positive relationships with friends and family, financial stability, productive work environment, and coping behaviors/skills. When one or more aspects of our lives become overwhelming, acute (anger, anxiety, depression) or chronic stress may result. Stress can lead to physical symptoms ranging in severity from headaches, heart palpitations and stomach problems, to heart attack and stroke.


Are you experiencing anxiety, relationship issues, stress, depression, attention difficulties, Urban Trauma or any other problems?  If yes, contact us directly. We are a dedicated culturally-responsive and diverse team committed to helping you find your true self.


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